Green roof

Extensive green roof systems

lightweight, low maintenance and sustainable

Extensive green roofs are low-profile, lightweight, low-maintenance systems that are designed for environmental benefits.


Xeroflor’s high-performing green roof systems have enhanced over millions of square metres of rooftops around the world.

Lightweight and low maintenance

Lightweight and low maintenance

Starting at only 49 kg/m(10psf) at full saturation, Xeroflor lightweight systems are perfect for retrofits. Easy to install, the thin, flexible layers are retractable and replaceable, making roof membrane access simple. Also, they need very little maintenance, saving money in the long term.

Saving water and energy

The lightweight, absorbent retention layers in Xeroflor's green roof systems capture rainfall and filter out pollutants – so there’s less run-off, and it’s cleaner. Plus, the plants and growing medium moderate heat flow between the building and its environment, reducing air-conditioning costs and saving energy.

Saving water and energy
Pre-vegetated mats bring benefits

Pre-vegetated mats bring benefits

Selected growers farm pre-vegetate Xeroflor mats in all regions, minimising transport time and costs. The mats contain mature hardy plants that are acclimatized to the region and offering year-round displays of flowers and foliage. You get instantly green roofs with energy and ecological benefits right from the start.

Trusted and proven

We tested our products/systems for root, wind and fire resistances, so you can rely on their safety and performance. As our commitment to sustainability, we are the only Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™ (C2C)  green roof system in the world. Plus, Xeroflor systems have been thriving on rooftops around the world for over 40 years.

Trusted and proven
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Keeping Canada’s Largest Green Roof In Perfect Health

Keeping Canada’s Largest Green Roof In Perfect Health

Vancouver’s heavy rainfall called for an Enkadrain solution that was tough, reliable, and could deliver extraordinary performance for a world famous project.


open structure with high permeability to air and water


of annual rainfall for a Vancouver green roof to cope with

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