Green roof

Green roof components

Sustainable and high performing components for green roofing


Full range of high quality components to support healthy plant growth, retain water, manage site runoff and control soil erosion.

Green Roof Drain

An effective green roof drainage mat is critical for a successful installation, and brings environmental benefits.

Vegetation Carrier

Vegetation carriers support seedlings, stabilise the soil and minimise erosion, and you can harvest them in rolls.

Water Retention

With advanced green roof technology, you can increase water storage capacity and keep the system weight low.


These components can be incorporated in and bring benefits to Xeroflor and other green roof systems.

Pre-vegetated mats

Grow pre-vegetated mats using our XF Grow vegetation carriers for an instantly green roof that is quick and easy to install. High coverage of mature vegetation at installation significantly reduces maintenance and establishment time, delivering economical and environmental benefits immediately.

Stormwater management

XF Retain slows down and absorbs water to reduce runoff, while cleaning the water along the way. XF Drain drainage composites divert any excess water to the roof drains quickly thanks to its 95%+ open structure. Combine XF Retain and XF Drain to turn an ordinary green roof into an effective stormwater management tool.

Root penetration protection

Aggressive plant roots and rhizomes can damage waterproofing and cause leaks over time. Often unwanted plants are established on the green roof via seeds brought in by wind or birds. Not all roof membranes are root resistant. Protect roof membranes with our FLL-certified physical root barrier.

Control erosion

Growing media in plant-in-place systems and on slope roofs are susceptible to wind and rain erosion, especially during establishment before the plant roots have fully developed. Use our XF Plus series root reinforcement and erosion control mats to stabilize media, minimize erosion and sliding on slope roofs.

Keeping Canada’s Largest Green Roof In Perfect Health

Keeping Canada’s Largest Green Roof In Perfect Health

Vancouver’s heavy rainfall called for an Enkadrain solution that was tough, reliable, and could deliver extraordinary performance for a world famous project.


open structure with high permeability to air and water


of annual rainfall for a Vancouver green roof to cope with

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